Giving to the Libraries

The Vanderbilt University Libraries welcome gifts and donations to assist in the support of the University's teaching and research mission. The libraries count on donors to sustain their growth. In fact, many of our most valued collections have come to us as donations. Material and monetary gifts aid in the library's development. All gifts are much appreciated, as are bequests, endowments, and larger contributions.

For gifts of books, manuscripts, and similar materials (referred to as a gift-in-kind), the libraries encourage donors to provide a list or detailed description of the materials to aid our evaluation. We urge donors to consider also giving a monetary gift to help defray the processing costs and expenses associated with maintaining the material given to the libraries.

Typically, a larger and/or solicited gift-in-kind will be covered by a mutually agreed upon written deed of gift agreement. All other materials (an unsolicited gift-in-kind), if accepted, become the property of Vanderbilt. Please understand that upon receipt, the libraries become the owner of these materials and, as such, reserve the right to determine retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations related to their use, maintenance, or removal.

Those wishing to arrange for material donations should contact the Associate University Librarian for Collections, Nancy M. Godleski at (615) 322-7113; or the Director of Special Collections, Juanita Murray at (615) 322-2807. After arrangements have been made, unless requested to contact library administration, please print and complete the Deed of Gift form.

Those wishing to make monetary contributions, bequests, or endowments, please contact the Development Office at (615) 843-3118 or library adminstration at (615) 322-4782.

Frequently Asked Questions

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